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Famous for its traditions not only in Armenia but in some other countries also, The Lord Byron school #20 is one of the symbols of renascence for Gyumri.Having been built after the earthquake of 1988 it simbolizes humanity, being an oasis of hope in a town turned to ruins after the quake.

The school was founded in 1950 was named after G.Soundukyan, a famous Armenian playwrighter.In 1961 deepened study of English was organized and was being brilliantly accomplished together with responsible mission of bringing up the young. Unfortunately the disastrous earthquake didn't spare our school, too, destroying completely the main block of the school burrying under ruins 44 teachers and students.This loss is unrestorable and echoes pain in our hearts and in the school history.Though we were distraught, petrified from such a blow from fate we regained our spirit to survive, live and struggle for a happier future.Only two months after the quake schools in tents we organized where the torch of education' continued to enlighten.When asked by visiting English journalists what they dream of most of all, the students answered,"a new school".Being impressed with the strength of spirit and will of our people, the school was rebuilt due to the donations of UK government, English-Armenian community and some English organizations. In June of 1990 the prime minister of the UK, Margaret Tatcher nonoured us with opening the school. In the appreciation the school was named after Lord Byron. At present the school cherishes its best traditions and enriches its history with interesting pages.

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